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Results in Belarus
new jobs created
SMEs supported
* Results for 2019
Access to Finance
Where can I get finance?
The EU provides special loans to SMEs through local partner banks in Belarus.
Idea Bank
Amount of loans up to 300 000 €
JSC Belinvestbank
Amount of loans up to 220 000 €
JSC Belarusky Narodny Bank
Amount of loans up to 220 000 €
Business Development Services
  • Consultancy services
  • Export strategies
  • B2B activities
  • Trade information
  • Clusters
  • Incubators
  • Capacity Building of Business Support Organisations
Business Enabling Environment
  • Regulatory Reforms
  • PPD (Private Public Dialogue)
  • Improving policy makers / regulators
Information Support Centre for SMEs by EU4Business
Coming out of nowhere, the coronavirus pandemic has swept away many jobs in the restaurant, tourism, construction, and international transport businesses. Yet, not everyone who found themselves unemployed was not afraid of change.
The Women in Business Support Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the EU4Business initiative helped one Belarusian entrepreneur increase sales by 80% and raise her brand’s profile.
Today, Nelva has 250 employees, 14 stores and thousands of fans in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Deputy Director Irina Rakhmanova speaks of how the ambitions of a few students grew into a large-scale business. Her speech is filled with such passion and enthusiasm that it immediately becomes clear why this could not have been any other way.
The history of the Belarusian clothing brand Mark Formelle shows that fortune favors the brave.
HYPERVSN engineers come up with effective cure for “banner blindness”.
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