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Results in Belarus
new jobs created
SMEs supported
* Results for 2020
Access to Finance
Where can I get finance?
The EU provides special loans to SMEs through local partner banks in Belarus.
Belinvest Bank
The amount is defined individually
Idea Bank
The amount is defined individually
Business Development Services
  • Consultancy services
  • B2B activities
  • Trade information
Business Enabling Environment
  • Information and Communication on Regulatory Changes
  • PPD (Private Public Dialogue)
Information Support Centre for SMEs by EU4Business
The EU Project helped a local business club in Belarus go to a new level, turning from informal community of entrepreneurs to an official business support centre in just one year.
SvetaSlava is a Belarusian family farming business with ambitious plans to expand and minimize costs through the advisory support of the Tramplin Business Center. It is supported by the EU as part of its EU4Business initiative.
The idea that “together we can move mountains” served the Maxavto service station in Maladzečna very well indeed: not only did they improve their service level, but also benefited local residents. How? By promoting the concept that you can bike when you can’t drive.
Natalia Strok, Director of the Vysokovsky Ecological and Ethnographic Center, a social and cultural institution in Belarus, starts her day very early: she answers calls from partners and clients whom she advises over the phone, and goes to their secondary plots, delivering seedlings, seeds and equipment.
In November 2020, Natalia Vasko, Director of a private socio-ecological institution called ApiMir Beekeeping Development, won the Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives competition with her project, “ApiMir: New Opportunities for Rural Business”.
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