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Nadezhda Abashina is the owner of one of the first private farms in Belarus. She says the impact of global warming on Belarusian farmers is quite visible.
Many of us have witnessed how garbage from overflowing containers spills out and ends up being blown around by the wind in residential areas.
When they first began working, Lyudmila and Svetlana Golovko worked in their professional fields. For 12 years, Lyudmila worked at the local library, while Svetlana ran needlework groups at local preschools.
Yulia Molochko is a young Belarusian woman who was born and raised in Bragin County, Gomel Oblast, one of the regions of Belarus that suffered enormously from the Chornobyl catastrophe at the Chornobyl AES in 1986.
The EU Project helped a local business club in Belarus go to a new level, turning from informal community of entrepreneurs to an official business support centre in just one year.

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