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Today, Nelva has 250 employees, 14 stores and thousands of fans in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Deputy Director Irina Rakhmanova speaks of how the ambitions of a few students grew into a large-scale business. Her speech is filled with such passion and enthusiasm that it immediately becomes clear why this could not have been any other way.
The history of the Belarusian clothing brand Mark Formelle shows that fortune favors the brave.
HYPERVSN engineers come up with effective cure for “banner blindness”.
Thanks to the EBRD and the EU4Business initiative, Silver Screen has taken Belrusian viewers to another dimension of cinema-going, with greater comfort.
Ecoupack, a Belarusian enterprise near the city of Hrodna, started using a new automated production management system known as ‘Gulf Stream’, thanks to support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) programme ‘Advice for Small Businesse...

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